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Learning is Limitless

For forward-thinking parents and motivated students who are bored or frustrated with the traditional school system, there is a better way. Emergent Academy is an innovative school offering a mastery-based, adaptive learning approach that results in students learning 2-3 times faster. Unlike the outdated, one size fits all school model, Emergent allows each student to build a unique path based on rigorous goals and his or her learning profile.
Students become self-paced achievers who love school, find their passion, and are coached to be future-ready leaders with life skills. The project-based curriculum is designed for students to create their own start-ups, deliver TED talks, learn to code, and serve their community, all within the school day.  


At Emergent Academy, Our Approach Means Your Child Will...


Love Learning

Love Learning

We ignite the love of learning in our students - your children will often prefer school to vacations.

Learn 2-3X Faster

Learn 2-3X Faster

Recent national tests showed that 72% of Emergent students are 1-2 grade levels ahead.

Become a Future-ready Leader

Become a Future-ready Leader

We equip students with social and emotional life skills.

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But Don’t Take Our Word For It

See What Parents Say

“I’ve been amazed at my daughter's transformation in just 4 weeks at Emergent. The school has changed her life and ours.”

- Jamie Bockius

“If your child can learn twice as much in the same time, why accept anything less? Their new approach makes absolute sense.”

- Joe Liemandt

“I knew I wanted more for my daughters, but I struggled with timing. In hindsight, I wish we made the change sooner."

- John Price

"The breadth and depth of achievement and growth my children have realized at Emergent is beyond my wildest expectations."

- MacKenzie Price