Our world is changing faster than ever

Unfortunately, the 100 Year Old School System Is Not

The assembly line approach ignores the realities of how children learn, it starves their passion and ignores the reality of what they will face in the real world. Emergent Academy believes today’s students are natural investigators, researchers, and synthesizers of information. We believe that the one-size-fits-all, studying the same thing, at the same time, in the same way model is outdated and hinders success. If you are like us and believe there is a better way, we are the school for you.

Promise to Parents

At Emergent Academy Our Approach...

Unleashes Passion

Unleashes Passion

We ignite the love of learning in our students - your children will often prefer school to vacations.

Accelerates Achievement

Accelerates Achievement

70% of students will perform at least one grade higher than their peer group, while 30% will be at least two grade levels higher.

Instills Social-Emotional Skills

Instills Social-Emotional Skills

We educate students in the power of leadership, communication and entrepreneurship.

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But Don’t Take Our Word For It

See What Parents Say

“I’ve been amazed at my daughter's transformation in just 4 weeks at Emergent. The school has changed her life and ours.”

- Jamie Bockius

“If your child can learn twice as much in the same time, why accept anything less? Their new approach makes absolute sense.”

- Joe Liemandt

“I knew I wanted more for my daughters, but I struggled with timing. In hindsight, I wish we made the change sooner."

- John Price

"The breadth and depth of achievement and growth my children have realized at Emergent is beyond my wildest expectations."

- MacKenzie Price