Emergent Academy

For parents who seek an education that unleashes their child’s boundless potential, Emergent Academy offers a new educational model that adapts to their child rather than asking their child to adapt to the school.


At Emergent students master core skills 2-3x three times faster through adaptive learning software and personalized learning plans. Mastering essential concepts across the content areas at an accelerated and self-directed pace allows students more time for a robust program of interactive, inquiry-based learning and individualized projects in which students learn more deeply by applying academic skills to real-world situations.


Children learn to lead by executing self-initiated projects in a positive, challenging environment that fosters curiosity, fearlessness and imagination. Whether it be founding a cookie company, designing a video game, launching a magazine, organizing a public presentation or serving the wider community, at Emergent students actualizing their passions is the key to our program’s success.


Our ultimate mission is to cultivate confidence, critical-thinking, and an aptitude for collaboration amongst students as they take ownership of the learning process. At Emergent, learning is limitless.

Join The Team


Guiding at Emergent Academy is, at its core, built on relationships. Our guides make connections with learners that enable deep learning and trust. While working at Emergent, you are surrounded by remarkable colleagues. Authors, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and the like, EA guides and leaders practice what they preach. It is no exaggeration to say that our guides and staff are one of the most accomplished, driven, innovative, and fun group of professionals you could be around.
For more information about being a part of Emergent Academy, please e-mail info@emergentacademy.org. You will find regular postings for positions on this page when we have openings. Thank you for your interest in Emergent Academy.