Core, Enhanced and Application

Emergent Academy supports three levels of students and in each level the curriculum is broken down into Core, Enhanced and Application. Unlike traditional schools, our approach allows children to master academics on an accelerated timeframe, creating an opportunity to apply real world skills and develop personal skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Academic Focus

Emergent Academy Curriculum

School Calendar

Emergent Academy Follows a Year-Round Schedule

Each school session runs for six weeks followed by a one week break. Our experience shows that children retain more information, aren’t forced to repeat topics they forgot over the summer and ultimately learn more. Research shows that the 12-week break, also known as “The Summer Slide”, has a lasting negative impact on a child’s education, often resulting in several lost months of math and reading skills and forcing traditional schools to spend months repeating old topics. Beyond the academic benefits, this schedule allows families more time throughout the year to enrich their lives with travel and other activities.


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